Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a galoise...perfect end to a perfect kill, dahlings

     sucha long day. prep prep prep!
     but it will all be worthwhile.
     meanwhilst, simply had to share some scrumptious photos i've found from a shooter (not the same definition of the word that applies to me, my lovelies) i found doing that stumbleupon thing. delightful things to be discovered.
      the delumptious dahlings (might even be the same chic) in these picts are taking a smoke break. i so do love inhaling a deep lungful of dangerous tobaccoooooooh after i've done something nawty nawty, like fucking. or offing some male of the species. but like so many things yummy (murder, heroin, tanqueray), moderation is essential.
     whatever these cuties just did, they are reeelaxing with a galoise, perhaps.
     rough, but so chic in that raw way i love so much.
     i'm sure the dolls here are sweet and dear, and probably put spiders outdoors rather than squash them with their ferragamo stilettos. however, the photos so remind me of myself after a job well done, i had to steal them and post them here. sooo very me after a good kill! a niccce slowww strangle, where i looked into my mark's begging eyeballs, knowing this moment would be ours forever.
     and then, tightening my gucci leather garotte (gucci purses are sooo de classe...perfect for pulling apart and making deadly devices from...don't you think?)...i hear my darling squeek his last his cock straighten up like the mast of the sloop john b (sorry brian)...and snuff the life out of the sugar plum.
     ooooooooooh, i feel like lighting up right now after sharing that little moment with you all.
     hope you don't mind me sharing. and if you do, i'd warn you to stop reading this blahhhg as pretty soon i'm going to take you on a ride you won't find at seven flags. dahlings.


  1. great! i love your blog! i love especially the role of hitwoman in fantasy..see you soon! Mirko

  2. mmmmmmmmmm...i hope you don't see me soon my sweet...most men only see me when i'm there to take them

    but i understand the compliment, and sooo appreciate it. makes my cold heart warm, and my hot you-know-what hotter ;)

  3. i know, i know ;) if you want to expand this friendship, keep in touch, my mail is silvio00700 [at] you soon, i hope so

  4. sorry doll, any 'friendship' would be deadly...and i wish to keep you alive, and a fan of my blahhhg

    so keep reading sweetie...because i like to kill men, doesn't mean i don't like them, and appreciate their interest in what i have to say