Sunday, January 10, 2010

that 'misty' thang...

     merry twenty-ten my luvs. hope things are going swimmingly for you all.

     a very lovely friend of misty sent me this delushious video saying it sooo made her think of moi.
     of course i had to share it with my dahls out there:

     only thing i can see wrong is that misty uses a shovel for digging, and my glock, garrote or stiletto know. but on mr. west ;D

     oh...panting hard for the next misty? don't worry. your luv has been busy terminating a few...excesses...during the ever so young year...but i've got some yum yum experiences to share my sweets. my dear friend, i hope you always know misty sooo luvs you!
     tahhh for now...

xoxo, misty