Wednesday, September 2, 2009

ultra vixens ! bye Russ!

my heroes! the Ultra Vixens
     i have no excuse for being five years after the fact, but i truly hadn't known the mahvellous russ meyers had gone over the other side in 2004.
     suppose i was too busy sending people there myself. oh well, russ would forgive me...i know!
     after all, the genre he pioneered, les ultra femme fatales, or better known as the Ultra Vixens (seen above) was his personal 60s neo noir vision brought to life.
     those rare flowers of us who bring his vision to reality, grew up on his world of Killer Girls, and aspired to so be. some of us (need i raise my hand) succeeded.
     here's to you russ...i'm sure i would have grown up as baddd without society can't blame you.
     you just made it so much more fun!
russ, we'll miss you

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