Saturday, September 5, 2009

poetry by 'misty'

he's in my site
what sheer delight

he squirms and writhes, complete with tears
the moment to come, i'll love for years

on his knees, an older gent
no wife or family, for me he's meant

take him gently into that good night
his manhood hard,  he's in my site

.38 cocked, naked on his knees
begging for life, through the window a breeze

i smile my love to another sweet victim
his tears fall, courage not in him

as i prefer, i like them crying
touches my heart, crying and dying

a shot in the forehead, clean and neat
back his naked body goes, i pressed delete

quivering with the thrill, over him i stood
eyes froze open, dead cock hard as wood

bye sweet dear, you made my night

i love you so, i took your life.

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