Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 diE for: arturo gatti's wife amanda

     and i thought i had a day off to plan my next...job. not to be. first of all, after writing this blog, some (obviously uptite male) commented that i had the wrong picture of arturo gatti's wife, accused of killing him and then mysteriously exonerated. well, maybe, the other was a glamour shot. here's a news shot, and she's still hot enough to make my lesbian loins get all quivery.
     second, mr. commenter, accuses me of not knowing how to spell. oh welllll, that'ssssssss tooo 2 too off the mark a comment to even answer. however, i do love new followers of the blog, and i promise, even if hired by an ex-lover to take him out, i'll decline. just treat your ladies with more respect than you have shown a dangerous lady like me, here. (i assume graciously it is the ladies he's involved with).
     ok (or should i say 'okay' in deference to our esteemed first commenter?), back to the original post below...
     came across my rss feed, the the tragic deathamundo of the great fighter arturo gatti. hey, i love a good, bloody prize fite. as you might guess.
     arturo (as everyone in the world knew except me apparently) was supposedly killed by his lovely delish wife, seen above in the pic...amanda rodriguez. trashed by all these sportz weblogging dewdz as a trashy stripper who, being a lean hottie couldn't evah have taken out the studly arturo. first, i say, what's wrong with being a trashy stripper!? some of my fave galpalz are...oooooooops, tmi!
     back to the point: stupid men bloggocites who think arturo wasn't strangled with amanda's purse strap and stabbed in the back of the head (the method of his death). and think she didn't get off (of the charge) because brazilian authorities were paid to cover up the embarrassing death of a great sportsman. instead these foolz say a big stud fighter like arturo couldn't have been taken by a woman. he committed suicide.
     gee, to me it sounds worse to kill yourself than to have a super hottie do you in. but each to his own.
     anywho, i've a little experience with strangling (blush blush) and using a stiletto. and it's true. a pretty young thing can easily subdue a total muscle stud with a simple purse strap.
     come from behind...or while he soon as there's a wee pressure around the upper neck, and those carotid artereeez get the squeeze, your prey...uh, the guy, is totalleee under control.
     he can't move without passing out from even the weeeniest constriction of the arteries. a 12 year old girl could take out a lineman as long as she has something around his neck where the carotids are exposed. something that can be pulled.
     this is not a how to course. i charge for that. women students only.
     so, yes, lovely hottie amanda could easily have offed this thoroughbred of a fighting machine.
     there's always the possibility of love sweet love. hot, steeeming love. hot, oh so nawty, asphyxia love.
     i've even seen this plot line on law and order, that droney teevee show pretending to be documentaire realite, but where no one speaks over anyone else's lines (like they do in real conversations), and the quips fly faster than a joan rivers roast. tv reality shmeality.
     by the time something like asphyxia sex is on prime time teevee, the train has left the station. it's not the newest trend. it's more well entrenched than a bad case of herpes (something i know nothing of!). i know church going hetero couples to whom asphyxia is just good ole fashion foreplay.
     as common as it is, was that what happened here? the stiletto stab in the back of arturo's neck suggest whatever was going on was not so consensual. unlikely to be asphyxia love. but that also suggests it was not suicide.
     it's time sportz jerx in stupid sportz blogz and newzpaper columnz (talk about an outdated institution, tho i love my horoscope and the funneeez) stop ranting like 8 year old boys who lost their ball down a storm drain. wah wah wah...a great mauler like arturo could never be taken down by an ex stripper, they whine. like men who cringe when they see someone else get kicked in the balls. what's rilly on your mind boys? losing the illusion of your own masculinity???
     i sooo do know that big tough guyz can get taken out by the 'weaker' sex ('weaker'...whattalafff) ez as uno dos tres.
     don't ask me how i know (smirk smirk)
                                                    the couple in better times  

     now, maybe i can get back to some real work. job coming up and i don't need to be po'd over stupid thingz i read on yahoo. rip arturo, you were great.


  1. As well as being hideously off the mark with your strangulation theories, the 1st photo isn't of Amanda Rodrigues and you can't spell!

    D- ....Must try harder!

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  3. sweetie, my spellingggggggg is intentionally playful, as my killing.

    you are a dear to be darling enough to comment on my lovely new blahggg (ooops, did i mispell that? well shoot me with a victor .22 short barrel).

    as for my strangulation theories, i don't theorize. i make the specific point that amanda could very likely have taken hubbie out, especially when adding the stiletto to the mix. i make no bones about the fact i personally believe she might have done it, but no one will evah evah know fer sure fer sure, imho.

    but suicide? pleeeeeeeeeze (sp?)! did he borrow her pursestrap, stab himself in the back of the head with a stiletto small enough to be the variety ladies carry for self-defense, and then, when not totally dead, string himself up with the bloody strap?

    i'd say you may wish to try harder. or think harder. or just get harder sweetie. on that last point i could help you, but then i'd have to kill you...and i've already come to like yooo tooo much for that.
    p.s. thanks for the pic note...can't trust google images these days, can you...corrected ;P
    p.s.s. rewrote my comment as, with a name like just may be a apologies...if you are a chic, you should know any femme can be fatale enough to off any guy, at any time, in any way.

  4. Nope - still wrong: that's NOT her. LOL.
    Here ya go:

    And here's an interview with her:
    (So now you know what she looks like - shame you can't use it in your blog!)

    Anyway,'s the ONLY theory without any holes in it. There is zero evidence of murder.
    None whatsoever.

    The wound to Gatti's neck was caused by stones/rocks being pelted at him that night by the angry crowd after he drunkenly threw Amanda to the ground and then punched out a security-guard who came to intervene (his blood was found and DNA tested on two cab cars - one when he went to the apartment and another when he went back to look for Amanda).

    The purse-strap he cut off the bag with the steak-knife...this didn't work, so he used a ruck-sack strap instead.

    I think you'll find that forensics will point to a 100lb women strangling a pro, albeit drunken, boxer to death with a 1-2" leather strap pretty difficult (unless he was restrained or held down by someone else)
    Anyway, I'd have thought a femme-fatale would have gone for a wire-garotte-with-handles or cable-wire? Much more effective and easier to use...wouldn't you say? ;o)

    Like Columbo would say, "just the facts, ma'am, just the facts"

  5. lovvve chatting with you, but i'll agree to disagree

    the pic you show is the same lady now gracing the top of my verrry controverial post...just a little chubbier and younger

    rox puncturing the grizzled neck of the muscle studly arturo gatti? nice hi projectile rox with small diameter and ultra speed to make a teeny entry wound that doesn't go deep, and bounces out...very 007ish. maybe 'Q' will get me one of those...i do have a license to kill

    now, a 100lb woman taking a stud out? i'm 140ish at 6' 1/2" (no blahniks on and give or take a bit for keeping my stats somewhat mysterious), and i could take a 300lb green bay packer lineman out with a 1" purse long as it was prada honey

    nothing against the packer line, just if you know what you're doing size will work against your vic

    did the lovely amanda have such training? who knows. this whole thing is speculation of the most nawty kind...i know not what happened, but suicide ain't makin' the vegas odds, and i checked

    no doubt in my mind, dahling, if amanda didn't do him in, someone her size who knew what she was doing coulda...and who's to say amanda did, or didn't...only hot air balloonz who think they know all the answerz will pontificate...bill reilly where art thou?

    i make a living dispatching faux smartinpants like that...

  6. LOL - all I know is a few years back, someone threw a stone at MY head and I was gushing blood for the rest of he a group of folks throwing them...well, say no more.
    (and anyway, the steak-knife to the back of the head is now disproved - blood on the tax-cab seats hours before)

    Anyway, which brings us back to the actual death.
    So, Amanda manages to choke Arturo to death (although when the body realises this is happening, it wakes up and reacts back accordingly, I doubt she'd be able to carry on - how long does it take to kill someone in this fashion? 2...3 minutes?)
    Furthermore, how does this little thing then get 170lb Arturo up against the stairwell and re-arrange it to look like he hanged himself?
    Answer: she doesn't.
    She never did it.

    So, with that out of the way, this leads us to 'she-got-in-one-or-more-men-to-help-her'. So, two thugs off the street, gained entry to their apartment, knocked Gatti unconsious then looked around and thought, "hey, look: there's a purse. Let's cut the strap off, strangle him, then hang him and it makes it look like a suicide".
    Yeah, like, they really thought that one out on the spot, right there.
    Wrong: cab driver #1 that waited to get paid, cab driver #2 that bought Gatti back for the last time AND the security-guard at Ancorar resort (and you know full-well, an upmarket place like that has security-guards): all three confirmed to police that they saw Arturo and Amanda go upstairs together.
    Theory #2: Amanda Rodrigues and/or other men strangled and then hanged Arturo Gatti? No.

    I guess that leaves a morose, drunken Gatti seeing what he did to his wife...IN PUBLIC no less, punching some security-guard out for no reason, experiencing a mob abusing him for his actions and throwing stones at him, realising he'd left little 11-month-old Junior in the apartment on his own...and with the possibility that his wife, who weeks before he'd renewed his marriage vows with in Paris, ...would finally leave him and take Jr back to Brazil for good.
    I reckon that'd get ANYONE down, don't you?
    Theory #3: Arturo Gatti hangs himself with rucksack strap (after first using knife to cut handbag strap which he put around his neck and attempted first time - hence blood on strap and knife on floor)?

    Like Penry, the mild-mannered janitor aka Hong-Kong Phooey would say: "Couuldd be!!!!"

  7. so sorry i didn't realize you had answered back my lovely (i'm assuming you are of the more dangerous sex by your playful invective) or i'd have spoken up sooner...

    it is deliteful (sp? don't forget!) how you set up straw men to knock them down. all the nefarious but flawed ways arturo (sorry arturo we're using you thusly) might have been killed but really couldn't as you disprove your own straw men.

    i like killing straw men too...but not nearly as much as real men. don't think because i can write a riposte, have a flunky (sorry my dear 'm') who puts adsense on my blahhhg, and because i hang so much out in the wind without really giving anyone any nails for my coffin...don't think because of all this i don't do what i do. bang bang?

    but on the other hand, could a bimbo who spells like moon unit zappa sounds, be real?

    as much as i luv theee, diamond, and i'm beginning to think you are either on one side of the law or the other---not just a much as you are a joy to decimato with my garrulous verbosity...i find it tiresome to use poor arturo as a chessboard on which to parry...and in bad taste as it drags on.

    lovely amanda could easily have done a 'chicago' (how i love fosse!) on her man...whether she did or not long ago became NOT my point. i don't know the intricacies of this case. and as much as you spout, my beloved, i long ago got that all you know is press crap. which, along with a C-note, will buy a 2nd rate bag of maryjane.

    however, i still love you. you strike me as a cop, d.a. (what fuckers, huh?) but not really the criminal type...except perhaps under your badge or city atty's card. all cops and prossies are wannabe bad guys. or do you wanna argue that? hahahahhahahhaha ;P

    but you have captured my larcenous affections. perhaps my libidinous ones too...i think (if i'm right you are woman, i've heard you roar) you are likely more handsome than pretty. which has been my preference since i stopped doing body shots.

    geeez, how much of my life have i wasted!

    tah for now my luv. and never think because i can write the panties off you and any other dahl or dingo, i can't also pull a trigger.

    tho i prefer...maybe...a pursestrap?


  8. I can't top that!
    My hat off to you...

    Boa noite.

  9. mmmmm, i so love rio!

    et tu!

    later my sweet