Saturday, September 12, 2009

all niter...i was baaad girl !

the way we were...guys strangling dolls
thanks to hitch, from dial 'm'

     good morning my loves.

     it's been a long sleepless night for me. but rather than go to sleep, i'm all worked up and have to chat a bit.
worked myself into a frenzeee. just a little job. but sometimes the little ones can surprise you. and be sooo much fun.
     so tonite's little gig ended up with my dahling subject truly breathless.....ahhhhhhhhhhhh
     know the song? i didn't ask if he did. but now it's too late.

     i really shouldn't go into specifix of how i wrapped my ligaturo around the honey's neck. He looked so surprised when i kept tightening...and just wouldn't stop. and he thought we were going into that cheeesy motel for a little kinky sex. instead it was a kinky hit. like they all are.
     but it had me thnking. and, you all know by now, how much i think.
     hence my blahggg here where i can share all my delightful ideas.
     now, my luveee from tonight will nevah, evah, evah, be found. so i might be telling you about him somtime soon. no clues to tie me. but then there's harry.
     can't let harry go. his demise will lovingly be retold here in 'part trois'...or is that part tres? i'm sooo multilingual!

role reversal...the asian killer girl flix
oh so have it a doll dispatches
a deserving vic by asphyxiating him between her legz

      back to my thoughts after dispatching, then dispersing, my sweet vic this, morning.
     it struck me how times have changed.
     i recall when that famously famous misogynist, hitch, did one of his many flix where women are so badly badly treated.
     dial 'm' for murder.
     however, i did so like where, in that one, the damsel turns tables on her would be killboy.
     my complaint is that rather than sticking him with a scissors...sooo inelegant! i would have liked to see her peel that garotte off her neck, kick him in the lower regions, and reverse gender roles.
     strrrangle him. niccce and slowww.
     as i did luveee tonight. uh...this morning.    : )
     i must point out that, despite being an assassinette...oh my, the very name of my blahggg...i speak quite objectively. i believe outlooks are changing. women are so empowered these days.
     no. i'm not talking that helen redddy stuff. don't want to hear a chic roar. it would be like wearing mervyn's pumps. horribly inappropriate for anything but taking out the trash.
     no, i'm speaking of a little gathering i went to not too long back. can you believe it, the thing was this murder mystery night, all for the ladies.
this murder mystery was all for learning how to strangle your man!...i said, 'i've gotta see this, dahlink!'

     no, this was not one of my gal pal things. these were what you might call, normal ladies. husbands. humdrum 9to5 jobs. boyfriends who liked watching golf all weekend.
     so this murder mystery was all for learning how to strangle your man! when i came upon that in the alternative weekly i was perusing, i said, 'i've gotta see this, dahlink!'
     it was total kix. this had nothing to do with lethal techniques training. nor, believe it or don't, was it for the kinky crowd. that david carradine stuff...gag...cough...gasp. literally.
     the deliteful gathering  was for normal ladies who wanted to do a bit of agatha christie play. funny how i'm considered such an outlaw, and agatha christie (one of my faves) is revered...and she may be twisted several  screw turns more than moi!

nothing like a little strangulaton for your guy...
and physiologically, guys get turned on by a good hang

     anywho...this little murder mystery nite was a cathartic bit of theatre where the dolls were taught rope how to commit a dial m murder, without being stabbed in the back before you can do whatchya gotta.
     the dolls, not all cute...some in their sixteeez, practiced on each other with tittles and laughter, drinking their mimosas!
     all good clean fun. and i'm sure these honies were all going back to their humdrum hubbies and cretinous twits of boyfriends after getting a little role play out of their systems

a pic from the murder mystery
'learn how to strangle' nite...two of the dolls
warming up to some knot play

      it's nice to see a reversal of fortunes working itself into the culture. sooo differential to those boring fifteeez. a time i gratefully had several decades distance from before being born!
     and, when born, in the first few years of life, i jumped straight to the role reversal. strangling and attacking litto boys in the neighborhood. i was so the terror.
     who knew someday i'd be doing it for real?
     i knew. wink wink.
     ok, time for sleepies. nite nite.

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