Saturday, September 19, 2009

coool it ! or...
i'll have to discipline you!

don't make me discipline you, little dahlings! 

     i just received a communicado from one of you, which delites me, but also makes me wish to scold you!
     it went something to the effect that this person was waiting for my next chapter on killing my darling harry, as well as other interesting stuff a nasty bytche such as i has to say.

     well buckos, and my dahlings...i love the interest. but with all due respect, sit on it!
     if you haven't noticed by the very essence of this whole blahhhg, i am a working girl. this blahhhging is for me to vent, to enjoy myself, and to let a few of you into my very stylish and elite world. if you're nice.
     pestering me is not being nice. i have people to kill. clothes to buy. shoes to try on. rodeo drive and manhattan avenue to dally forth upon. chix to lick and fuck. and...somewhere down the scale...a blahhhg to write.
     you can be sure you're not going to get this stuff anywhere else. i'm not a professional writer spitting this crap out. i'm a very nasty girl, who let's you in on what secrets i can, because it's so much fun to do. and because i know you are just twisted enough to enjoy it.
     so, let's stop being a nuisance. enjoy what tidbits i give you. they are good. and have some patience.
     and just be gosh darn thankful one of your ex girlfriends or whatevah didn't hire my sweeet ass to kill your ass. or you'd be gone.
     baby, gone.


  1. Thanks From Demotivate Us, Checking in and saying Hi.


    PS. With a normal domain on a WP platform, your site could get big;)

  2. well hi luke...i think i could have some delicious target practice with you. but i don't wish to lose keep reading...

    or else...teeeze teeeze