Friday, September 4, 2009

view to a kill, part uno...

a tall german stewardess caught my eye

     well luvs, it's that time. you knew it would come.
     it's time to take you on a hit.
     to those of you who find a luscious tale of actual murder to be distasteful, the disney channel has a nice blog you might wish to try.
     now...if we're ready...

     it was late summer early in the second millenium annos domini (sucha smartipants i am!) when a work offer came via cabana boy, along with a wet martini i'd ordered, in the south of france.
     "what's this hon? i ordered a mahhh-tini."
     "eet is from za desk madame. spezial deliveree."
     "ok doll. arrivederci."
     "uh...zis is france madame"
     i gave him a five and told him not to push his luck.

the only thing i love more than a naked hogtied man on the ground in front of me...would be a hot wet cunt in my mouth

     the envelope, and it's contents, were an offer of work back in the states. there were requirements for any job i would accept. and they had been met.
     he had to be male and over seventeen.
     he was and he was.
     my vacation had droned on into three weex of water skiing, tennis, women and alcohol. and the occasional galoise. i could go on for another couple, but a kill
     a day and a half later i was back on air france headed to the states.
     planetime was spent sleeping, drinking, flirting with the non-male flight attendants, and fantasizing about
my first job in three months. i sooo hoped it would be an intimate kill.
i had my nite with the german stewardess

     the only thing i love more than a naked hogtied man on the ground in front of me,  garotte around his gasping neck, would be a hot wet cunt in my mouth.
     spezifikally, the blonde one belonging to the tall german stewardess who'd returned my nasty suggestive glances since we'd got out over the atlantic.
     once back in ny, i had two things i needed.
     a nite with her. and faxed info on my 'man'....

(to be misty)


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