Monday, September 28, 2009

laaah...deee...dahhh, dahlings.

noir-woman, noire-woman, femme-fatale, killer-chick, killer-chic, murderess
naked with mai taiz under le chapeau, luvs

     well my sweeets, even God rested on the seventh day.
     and if you are ever looking down the barrel of my smith & wesson six-shot (whence noise is no problemo), or into the noise suppressor on my cute glock (when we don't wish to wake the neighbors), then i will be your god at that very delicious momento.
     and so, as such, i rested today in my south of the boulevard hillside pool with my gal palz, doing all sorts of nasteee things gal palz do when they have too much booz and raging hormones in them.
     but i'm working on a few things. mostly stuff which i can nevah evah tell you all about.
     howevah, don't cry a river. i'll get back to the tale of harry...and all that went into that yummy adventure.
     thrillz and killz, dahlings. till i write again...xoxoxo

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