Thursday, June 16, 2011

ich bin ein assassine!

     rauch was a pig. oink.
     but he was misty's pig.

     i was in a most darling wine and cheese cafe dans la
south of france, online as mon maitre d’ allowed misty to keep her adorable netbook open pour my weekly lingerie shopping.
drats! my online neiman marcus shop-a-thon
was so rooodley interrupted by those workaholics at hq!
but how could misty be tooo was a kill order! kill orders were yummmy! tastier than the faugeres wine monsieur henri had just poured!

under the table at le vieux puits, a delish cafe in the 
south of france, my silk stockings tingled all the way down from 
my la perla panties to my black chanel stilettos as the order to 
kill kill kill gustav rauch came across misty's netbook!

this was a delish kill order on guntag ekkehardt rauch...a pretentious german banker who should have been terminated for his name alone!
     of course, not his precise name. as your
misty must remind you, I can’t spill all the beans, but close enough for a game of tag with AIM-9 sidewinders.
FOX TWO sweeties!

     my sweetie rauch was, shall we say, one of your bigger
cogs in the machinery of world corporatocracy. that slimey disease representing evil, bad, nasty nasty (not the good kind of nasteee!), greedie piggies, shape shifting lizard aliens from the 4th dimension trying to rule space & time, etc, etc. (made me wonder how ‘w’ was doing these days?)

     surpriiiiiiZe! yes, misty fans, your mist does work for the forces of Light (or Lite as i teeeze them).
sorry to disappoint all those who thawt misty was the Evil Bitchstress of your dreeemz. i am, but with a delicious dark nougat center of licentious murdering  nawtiness.
and it’s all turned against the forces of 'Not So Nice' use their Technical Name.

gustav ekkehardt rauch, a cigar smoking piggie-slash-servant of 
the world's machinery of nawtiness. misty would do 
very baddd things to him. yum.

     sooo, the cat's out of the bag. or pussy's out of
the Chanel silk panties, if you prefer near obscenity, which i alwayz do.
mist works for Good. using the luscious forces of bad against themselves. truly the only way to go. fun & effective.
specially if one enjoys, getting off.

     but we are getting sooo far afield. back to my misty story of acing of mist's most delicious recent capers.
sooo, as misty was saying before was oh sooo important that rauchie die. and sooon. the little piggie would be in berlin next week.
so would misty.
the pussy was out of the panties...i was a hitwoman
for the Forces of Sugar & Spice, and Everything Nice. Yes,
it is a Womyn's organization.

going to the land of bmw’s, Dominatrixes and fuhrers for this kill, i would be sure to visit my adopted mother, lover and mentor of murder & assassination...we’ll call her Elka since  misty can’t tell you her real name. at least not without killing you all (smile smile!).
Elka, a strong teutonic lady...six-foot-two of sweetness that can snippity-snappp a man in two.
she would suggest the best and most delish way to nix rauch. Elka knew german bankers, and had not much love for them. or any banker for that matter.
Elka (face blanked out, of course dahlings!), 
my lover/adopted mother/mentor, in a picture from her 
active days some years ago. she could break a man in two with 
her body or break me in two with her loving. she would help me 
with rauch. then she would fuck me good. 'lecker'!

after suggesting how to kill rauchie, Elka would break me in two (or more) with the type of nawty hard loving only a german bitch can do.
i will be in misty Heaven. which is harder for most people to take than hell.

     henceforth, misty was off to berlin. to slaughter a pig.  

     ‘Lecker!’ Elka would often murmur after devouring meee like a bavarian kirschtorte with double whipped creeem.

-- more to come my loveleeez!...misty