Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy Hallow's Eve...

misty wishes you had a deadly nice Hallow's Eve

     well my lovelies, misty had a quiet Hallow's Eve. no jobs to do, though it would have been a delightful time to so do...i'm sure you all get my drift.
     misty dear is having some issues writing the next piece about the zuma beach incident, if you're up to date on my little adventures.
     it involves some real opposed to fake self-revelation...hahaha, misty made a funny.
     but heck, that's what this is about anyway...right dahlings? no, not jokes. but revealing one's self.
     annnd, you all don't really know me, as in face to face.
     if you did, you'd either be some interesting doll i was about to explore female adventures with...or you'd be a job, and your number would be about to be punched...albeit in a very yummy way i assure you.

     but most of you are none of those, so revealing the innermost misty to you is making her squirm a tad...can you imagine, me, squirming?
     well, start imagining. i've decided to go through with the sequel...sharing it with you all.
     no names, dates, places, or other ways you can track the lovely mist down...but you may get a clue as to who i truly am in my heart of hearts...not that i've hidden anything from you up til now...

     enough my sweets...enjoy the rest of your Holiday...and i will be sharing soon...tah

misty note!...i was just contacted by some bassoon who wondered what i meant by "female adventures"!
can anyone truly be that obtuse? i'd recommend anyone who has those type of questions to turn off the computer and spend the rest of your recreational life watching the disney channel...but as a one time courtesy to the freaking fool who had the nerve to ask me such a question, here is your answer, get a clue!

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