Tuesday, November 10, 2009

not a tin Lezzie...but the real thing!

yum! misty's found some delish stuff on
toromagazine.com! like this lez-licious pic by
anna span, who says, "reality is an important

aspect of what women look for in porn." 
misty says, you gottit hon!

     well dahls, your luscious and deadly misty has been fooling around on the netters and came across toromagazine.com.
     kind of a naughty place to go on the fucking world wide web, and where i came across the above photo of the type of subject matter misty creamz over. sorry for the language graphique, but how do you expect a hot blooded kill-chic to speak?
     aaaaaaaaaand, on murderella.com the latest sexy erotic women murdering guys installment by my pal res cane...the guy's a journalisto, which makes me juice while i read, since he may change the names and places a tad (we all know about that around here, huh dahls?) but the killings are for yummy real.
     uh...kinda like heeere...
     so glad i found you ressie. if you had a cunt i might even take you to bed. from what i hear you have howard stern disease...you're a lez in a man's body...or am i telling too much. that's misty for yoo.

misty in 'the' malibu...an adventure you won't wish
to miss. by the way, that's not your misty above...
i'm sooo much more delish!

     as for my sweeties here, misty's real life adventures in malibu-land will continue here oh so soon. i do reveal so much of my heart and soul...i can't believe just six months ago i was going through so much travail...boohoo. well, no need to get into it here. it's sooo lonely getting off killing guys, having wanton sex with lez dolls, and all the while never finding true love.
     don't wish to reveal much here...but...guess you'll have to wait a few daze...
     tah for now luvs...and do remember, misty's not quite so baddd as she seems...

     she's oh so much worse!

xoxo, misty

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