Friday, November 6, 2009

mmmmmmmmmm...misty's kinda movie

     just found this trailer for totaleee the kind of movie misty luvs.
     i'm guessing you might too ;D - Music Videos

     oh...and misty's guessing you're wondering if i've evah done anything like in this fine feature film.

     whaddya'll think, dahlingsssss?


  1. To be perfectlly honest i hate your work
    if you're a guy you shoud go kill yourself now if you're a girl, then what am i to expect, a bad breakup, or a bad experience to men has caused you to write this grotesque little blog

    however as a writer i came back to see wether or not your writing style was shit and you were just some run of the mill femenist with problems taking her anger out on a blog or someone with skills who just hates men

    although you're not a great writer i was suprised on how you described the killing scenes in such detail however at the expense of leaving out how exactly you could get through airport security with a metal gun strapped to you, or how you got away with killing someone with evidence all around their apartment

    however despite the fact that i hate you, you are a pretty descent writer, although only an idiot would believe this shit is true

    good luck getting famous writing about a topic such as this one

  2. oooh, such anger. you need to be mistified dahlink! i was away wiping the planet clean of gunk while you were getting your pubescent angst sorry to have missed it. you sound like a tortured luv...and so very male. i'll take pleasure in that combination. i dooo appreciate your concealed fascination, and unconcealed male anima (redundant, i know)issues. not to tell too much, but misty never brings weapons with her on planes...cept for my killah legz. that's as much as you get.
    well, gotta go, so many guys to ace, so little time. but keep reading. your spelling may improve. and i so do apologize for not spotting your comment over a hear and a half ago when you wrote it...woulda been fun to teeeeeeeze ya. taaaaaaaaa