Sunday, November 22, 2009

mmmmmm.... reD

     hi dahlings.
     misty has been misty busy, but i thought i'd take this momento of spare time to share another of misty's fave pictures with you. it says so much to me.
     yoo too?

mmmmmmmm...reD is such
a...reD colour! goes with the
the colour of bullets...

     might i also share with you, my luvs, that my dear friend reston cane has added another of his delish installments on nasty ladies for real for real (that's mistyspeak, like fer sure fer sure?) on !

     my little reporter friend, writes on the stuff that just never seems to get into the papers and mags. misty thinks the powers that be don't like to think Ladies can take things into their own hands. especially their manhood, let alone their lives.
     it's sooo refreshing to find a male who knows the truth about these things. ressie has been begging to interview misty...but i'm doing such a good job interviewing myself i think i'll let him sit on it for a whilst. ;D
     tah for now luvs. next bit of blahhhging coming about 'the' malibu...but it takes a while to go over past participles of my life. hell, i don't just make this stuff up sweeties!
     tahhh fer now fer now dahls...
xoxoxo, misty


  1. Will Misty please murder me? But I need it to hurt. In fact, I think Misty needs to burn me to death.

  2. ohhh dearrr! just catching up with comments that came in so very long ago! this one is so very distressing! yes, i'd love to kill you sweeetie, but no, misty never likes to make it hurt. i always want a fella to enjoy his death. i'm not some psycho sadist killer, you know. my sadism extends only to the psychological...i luv a guy to know it's all over, and his ass is mine forevah...but i want it to feel goood...because it does for me. so if you have to die, and i have to enjoy, why not get off together??? only they'll only be one of us left to think about it over coffee brandy frappacinos later that nite ;} so no, don't burn to death (unless it's too late), let some luscious chick like misty get off taking your life, but doing it the most krewel way possible...making you enjoy it. what could be nastier than that?!

    hasta dahling...don't give up on life hon---misteee