Thursday, August 27, 2009

love, kisses, from misteee

    my name is ‘misty’.
    it’s alright if you know my name. well, it’s not REALLY my name, but it’s how i’ll refer to myself here.
    but, if you know person i mean, then you’re likely in trouble.
    trouble...hmmm. maybe that’s not right. i’ll do a good job. i’m the best. so, if you know me, let’s say that you’ve BEEN in trouble. but you’re probably lucky you got me. i’ll do it clean. pretty much painless.
    or if it hurts, it’ll be a good kinda hurt. and I am pretty. tall too. you might even find it exciting. i can make it very exciting. for both of us.
    okie dokie. enough for now. be back later. got someone to do...i mean, something to do.
    by the way, was it mentioned i have a wicked sense of humor? tah for now.

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