Thursday, August 27, 2009

chitty chitty bang bang

stiletto gun noir sexy woman killer pinup femme fatale murderess lingerie helmut newton noire cigarette leg chic
     sooo bizzzy! about to go incommunicado for 24 to 48. work you know.
     but i get so excited i like to share. perhaps why i started this blahhhg.
     whatevahhh! thought i'd post one of my fave fotos. gives a little flavor of what i do to put pate and caviar on my ritz crackers.
     i won't say we've the same hair color. but quite often the wardrobe's the same.
     tho i prefer a good ole smith and wesson volver (and i don't mean volvo!) to a .45 auto. so unruly they are.
toodles and smiles.

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