Sunday, September 12, 2010


mmmmmm, misty loves to write...& i've been writing some oh so noir novellas.

don't fret...i'll be back to my only slightly disguised non-fiction so yummily penned here. but why not a litto read from a pretty little passage, naturellement based on something i naughtily did more than a few times...
whatchya think dahlings...

'the last thing herr rauchen saw through the
translucent, breath-steamed plastic dry
cleaning bag tied tautly around his head, was
sunlight streaming across her ass as his
killer turned to dress, then leave, now that
the german banker was naked, bound, on the
bed, slowly asphyxiating to death. 

rauchen, a fat, paunchy overfed capitalist, felt his small 
cock harden as he sighted the pretty blonde wisps of baby
hair across her partially exposed ass, under the lingerie,
stockings, garters, as she dressed hurriedly.

no worry. he'd be dead by the time she was fully
clothed and leaving the 400 euro a night
Berlin-Alexanderplatz suite. in less than
300 seconds.

the only question...would he come as he went. 
she so liked it when they did. quite the compliment.'
           --exerpt from my 'misty short story' series
           (mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...& u thowt i couldn't rite!) 

[don't worry dahls...more to come, so to speak, oh sooo soooon]

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